Hot Mess Joy Club

Hot Mess Joy Club is a group of women from all ages and stages of life, coming together to share life, hope, and encouragement. Come as you are, Hot Mess or put together. We share our joys, struggles, hopes and dreams. We pray for each other. We push each other on to become better women and learn from each other. Come find your place of belonging in our real tribe of amazing women 💜

We would normally meet on Tuesday’s from 9am-11am-ish through the school year and usually break for summer, but we have been trying to gather in the evenings as most ladies are more available. We primarily gather at the Next Door, the little gray house with the red door, next to the Nazarene Church building, across from the fire station in Chelan. Come for coffee, conversation, laughter, prayer, and encouragement. 

Please look up our Facebook group for details for our next meet up and an avenue to connect.  It may be set to private, but it is open to all local women.

Note: with the ongoing pandemic we are relying on Facebook more heavily as a way to connect, interact and reach out. We are also hosting smaller meet ups. Look to our Facebook page for the details. Please don't hesitate to ask about anything!

Check out the Hot Mess Joy Life page! It's an extension of our ministry specifically to those who don't live in the Chelan area. facebook

Meet Kristen

Have you met Kristen? We wouldn't be surprised if you did! Besides being one of the main faces behind HMJC, she is also our pastor's wife as well as one of our worship leaders. If you are interested in knowing more about HMJC or are just looking to make a good connection in Chelan, she is a good person for it! She is an authentic, joyful and kind-hearted follower of Jesus. And she is always looking to make a new connection. You can email her here